Membership fee and rates

Season 2020-2021

Basiscontribution € 211.48
Direct debit € 196.48
Seniors (excl. indoorhockey) € 242.91
Seniors (incl. indoorhockey) € 288.46
Juniors(incl. indoorhockey) € 242.91
Students € 173.09
Benjamin`s (t/m 6 years old do not pay a basic contribution) € 199.91
Mini`s  € 169.24
Teamcontributie (average per members) based on 20 members €275.85
Trimhockey €  81.24
Seniors (from 18 years) €  91.88
Juniors (8-18 years) €  63.00
Students €  60.90
Tennis kids (up to 7 years old do not pay a basic contribution) €  73..50
Winter season ( from ????? to ?????) € ???????
Seniors € 161.90
Juniors (up to 18 jaar) €  78.18
Students €  78.18
Combined Membership  
Hockey & tennis SR € 546.27
Hockey & Golf SR € 616.30
Golf & Tennis SR  € 465.26
Hockey & Tennis & Golf SR € 703.17
Hockey en Tennis JR € 517.39

 The contribution is set annually - in the spring - by the AVA for the upcoming association year that always starts on September 1 and ends on August 31 of the following year.
The seasons of the different sports departments have different durations. The tennis season starts in April, the hockey and golf season starts in August.
As a member of De Kieviten you owe a basic contribution and a departmental surcharge is charged for every sport you practice at De Kieviten. If you practice multiple sports at De Kieviten, you will therefore only owe the basic contribution once at all times. It is therefore attractive to practice multiple sports at De Kieviten because for each additional sport you only pay the relevant departmental supplement.
If you become a member of a particular sport during the season, you may be eligible for a discount. We automatically take this into account when registering. Click here for more information.
The basic fee and the departmental fee for the hockey and golf department are billed in August each year, while for the tennis department it is always billed in March. For example, if you also practice tennis at De Kieviten in addition to hockey, you pay the basic hockey contribution and departmental supplement in August / September and only the departmental supplement for tennis in March / April.

Automatic collection:
The administrative process surrounding the collection of contributions and the justification thereof takes a lot of time and costs the association money. Money that we like to spend on sports matters. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, we ask all members to issue a direct debit authorization.

A direct debit is easier for you and saves the association administrative costs. If you are not yet using direct debit, you will find the authorization form here We would like to receive this form completely filled in. You can hand this in to the administration office of the association or send it to the following address:
De Kieviten
Dr. Mansveltkade 11


If you opt for direct debit, you will save the association time and money and you will immediately benefit from this as a member. That is why - after receipt of the fully completed authorization form - you will receive a discount on this basic contribution from the next billing date on which we invoice the basic contribution. The amount of this discount is determined annually by the central management and is stated in the table above.

For questions:

Telephone Kieviten administration: 070 - 5142430: Available from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Email address: