A new sports hall for Wassenaar and the Kieviten

Many members have used the Kievitenhal for many years. Tennis and hockey have been the main users in recent years, but the hall has been one of the building blocks for the sporting pleasure of the Lapwing for many generations. But in recent years it has become visible that the hall has deteriorated somewhat. Time for innovation!
We are therefore very much looking forward to the new sports hall. A beautiful hall with an even more beautiful new clubhouse. From the new terraces you can follow the sports well and from the new clubhouse you can even watch the sports in the hall.
If it goes according to plan, it will take 1 year, from the start of the demolition, until we can start using the hall. And when will the demolition start? Actually it should have already started, but there were quite a few things that the municipality had to have investigated; bats, groundwater… but that all looks good now.
We are working hard to conclude a future-proof agreement with the municipality for the use of the clubhouse and the management of the sports hall. Because we want sports on the Lapwing to continue for decades to come, establishing the cooperation is quite a puzzle, but we are now well aligned again.

To be continued!

The board.