Business club 100

Always wanted to do something extra for De Kieviten?

Unfortunately for many there is no time to voluntarily fulfill all kinds of tasks within the club. Now there is a solution and the Club van Hundred is really something for you.

What does the Club 100 do and why?
The Club van Honderd tries to collect as much money as possible, in order to support all kinds of activities and projects that are absolutely necessary for the Omni Association de Kieviten.
We hope this will improve the atmosphere and the pleasure of sports at De Kieviten, so that even more people are positively connected with our association.

What are the principles of the Club 100?
The money raised is spent on projects and initiatives that benefit every member, young and old.

What does the financial contribution entail at the Club 100 ?
Everyone who wants to become a member pays an amount of € 100 and is then a member of the Club van Honderd for one calendar year.

What can a member expect in return from the Club 100?
The main reason to become a member of the Club van Honderd is of course to support the association in its initiatives.
The names of all members will be listed on the Club of Hundred members board in the canteen of The Lapwing and will also be listed on this website, so that everyone can see who supports the association in this way.
All members are also informed two to three times a year by means of a newsletter about the state of affairs regarding planned and current activities. 
A pleasant evening / activity is also organized once a year, in order to promote mutual cohesion among the members of the Club van Honderd and also to increase the membership base.

How can one become a member of the Club 100?
Anyone can become a member by sending an email to: You become a member for one calendar year and this is automatically renewed if the membership is not terminated in writing.

The contribution is collected from you annually via a direct debit.